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Okay. So I have an idea, I know you guys will love it! Who want's to explain?
Chica: We're letting all of Renee's lovely watchers, and others as well of course, ask all of us questions!
Bonnie: *Sarcasm* I don't doubt that three days later someone will regret this!
Bonnie!!! Stop being a downer! Anywho, the FNaF crew and I have decided to let people ask us stuff, and don't be shy to send us some dares too! But you aren't limited to just the first game crew, I'm sure that the Toys will join us too! I'm going to have to convince Springtrap to join. You can even ask me questions! I'll answer any question you throw at me! Unless I say that it's a question that gives away too much personal information. Like, my address and stuff. You can ask where i live, and I'll tell you to a certain extent. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. So here's the list of people you can ask:
Freddy Fazbear
Bonnie Bunny
Chica Chicken
Foxy the Pirate Fox
Goldie(Or Golden Freddy, whatever floats your boat with what you want to call him)
Freddie Fazbear(Cause auto correct wouldn't stop bothering me with how to spell, "Freddy")
Chi-Chi(CURSE YOU dubstepeevee!!!!)
Balloon Boy(in which I need another name for, does anyone have any ideas?)
Shade(Shadow Bonnie)
Shadow(Shadow Freddy)
and Me, Renee!
So at that, These are the people that are willing to answer questions. Also, can anyone help me get Springtrap to join the ask thing with us!? That would be great! So, you will be able to ask and dare us, don't be shy, ask and dare away!

Just a side note, I'm going to need all my friends who don't watch me to see this, cause to me, they MUST be involved. So these people please read this!!!
And my best bestie of all besties, UrsiSurpi!!! So please, people that I mentioned, READ THIS!!!!

Edit(s): Big news everyone! Okay, one I will be drawing everyones ask answers on paper! So please be patient with me. I'm going through a computer transfer, and I need to find my sketch book! Then I need to copy the work I got done for the answers. Also. Just by wanting a few friends that don't watch me to see this, I got my goddess my bifsie to watch me!!! Somehow... I really am happy right now! So, ask your questions and please be patient with me. I'll answer everyone's questions and such when I can! Thanks in advance for your patience!
  • Mood: Welcoming
  • Listening to: Well, a bunch of Japanese music
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing but I should be watching Mark play FNaF3
  • Playing: on wordpad and MS paint
  • Eating: Nothing cause it's 10:04 in the morning
  • Drinking: Nothing cause it's 10:05 in the morning


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United States
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What Negima Girl Are You Most Like?
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The name's Renee, and I'll be your host tonight!


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Do you want to be apart of my DA family? Then go to my gallery and click on the "DA Family" deviation and tell me what you wanna be! Keep in mind that everyone is welcome in my family!


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The girl you just called fat...She's overdosing on pills.
The girl you just called ugly...She spends hours putting makeup on, hoping that people will like her.
The boy you just tripped...He is abused enough at home.
See that man with the scars? He fought for his Country.
that kid you made fun of for crying...His mother passed away.
Put this on your status if you are against bullying. I'll bet 95% of you won't repost this, but i'm sure the people with a heart and a backbone will...
i know how you feel if your one of these people and you can talk to me anytime!



I will NOT do tags! I got sick of that a year and a few months ago! So please don't send me any tags! Also, DON'T SEND ME ANYTHING THAT MENTIONS ANYTHING ALONG THE LINES OF,"IF YOU DON'T DO THIS," OR,"IF YOU DON'T SEND THIS TO," A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF PEOPLE,"YOU WILL BE KILLED," OR,"YOU WILL BE CURSED," OR," THIS GUY/GIRL'S GHOST/SPIRIT WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE." I get those all over Kik, I used to get those on here. So here's my excuse that I will NOT be affected by ANY of that bullshit! Immunity Cat watches over me, and Immunity Cat makes sure that these STUPID EXCUSES TO SPREAD SOMETHING AROUND can't effect me. SO NEVER EVER SEND THAT SHIT TO ME! Thank you for reading, if you read this.


I believe in paranormal things like Ghosts, Demons, Angels, etc. Don't judge me. Please.


Someone has been hacking into peoples profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know whats going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Re-post this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!



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That-Creepy-Girl Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  Student Artist
Give this heart to everyone whom you don't want to lose in "2016" including me if you care Try to collect twelve (12) its not easy. Be honest! Send this to anyone who made you smile this year!
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Jemania Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Heh. You showed me darling. Now. Get your ass on skype right the fuck now!
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LOADING... â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“â–“ 99%................................ ERROR! It is impossible to delete our friendship. You mean so much to me!
Post this to 10 people's walls who you never want to lose. If you get 3 back, you're an amazing friend.
Jemania Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I'm sorry! I don't do these! But thank you for the offer!
That-Creepy-Girl Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Student Artist
That's no chain mail, I'm just putting that there because you were my past good friend from Bonnie-CPPS
Jemania Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Well, I'm always here if you wanna talk to me!
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